Association of Jackson County, Mississippi, Inc.




      SEPTEMBER 14, 2009

(Meeting has been changed to 2nd Monday because of Labor Day)


Jackson County Chamber of Commerce in Pascagoula




REFLECTIONS -    Remind everyone we will have a drawing at each Monthly Meeting.  You have to be present to win.   

For those who missed the Monthly Meeting Monday August 3, you missed a great meeting an opportunity to win a Door Prize.  We also sold raffle tickets for $1.00 each and had a drawing at the end of the meeting for entire amount sold.      

Oscar Garner won the Door Prize of $25.00 and Betty Wells won the Raffle for $102.00   Congratulations to you two.   See it does pay to attend these meetings.     We really would like to see more of you at these monthly meetings.   

Minutes of August Monthly Meeting – August 3, 2009 

            Meeting Called to Order by Sgt. at Arms, Glenn Lynd

            Welcome all members by Pres. Bobby Hand – Bobby reminded everyone that we would have a drawing at the end of the meeting for Door Prize and a Raffle.   If you didn’t pick up your ticket for Door Prize or purchase you’re Raffle Tickets, please do so now from Kristy Thornton, standing at the back of the room. 

            A list of  members who had signed up to volunteer to work  Cruisin the Coast was passed around for everyone who had signed up earlier to please put down their Shirt Sizes and check to be sure they had the hours they wanted to work correct. 

            Minutes of the July 6, meeting were read, there was no discussion.  A motion was made to accept minutes as read, motion was second and carried.

            Treasurer Report was passed out to all members present.  Details of the report were explained by Larry Carter.  Motion was made to accept the Treasure Report as presented, motion was second and carried.             

            Betty Wells, reminded everyone of the Car Show, September 19 at the Beach Park, sponsored by SBMA (Northrop Grumman – Ship Building Management Association).   Our club in the past has help put this show on and we will help again this year, but she has told the SBMA that they will have to assume the bulk of the work; for more information visit our website and see the Flyer.    Also, if you plan to register your car, you need to hurry.   

            Bobby drew the tickets for Door Prize and Raffle Ticket.     

WINNERS WERE -  Oscar Garner won the $25.00 Door Prize and Betty Wells won the Raffle of $102.00.  

            Motion was made to adjourn the meeting, motion was second and carried.  Meeting concluded.           


At our next Monthly meeting, September 14, Bobby should have CTC Volunteer T-Shirts for those of you who signed up to work 8 hrs or more during CTC.    

CTC Raffle Tickets -   Cruisin the Coast is selling Raffle Tickets for an l970 Chevelle.     Bobby Hand has tickets and if you would like to purchase a ticket or know someone who may want a ticket please get in touch with Bobby.    


 August -   Kristy Thornton, J. F. Fagan, Brenda Ehlers, Kim Crocker, Sammy Wells, Ray McCarra, Pam Trusler, Walter Amos, Fredia Scott, Janice Moore, Lavell Tillman,  Joe Young, Fred Hinkel, Linda Hinkel and Susan Rhodes 

September –Chuck, Melaney, Larry Ruose, Betty Wells, Patrick McClure, Nelson Copeland, Zeny McClure, Susie Fuente and Debra, MeLaney. 

October -   Mark Coleman, Kristine Dale, Bobby Hand, Karen Poole, Hurley Ray Guillotte and Ava Hunnings.    

Be sure and wish these people “Happy Birthday” next time you see them. 

We want to also wish the following a “Happy Anniversary”   to Pam and John Waddell , September 28.   (How many John?) 

MONTHLY CRUISE-IN:   The August Cruise-in was hit.   We had a great turnout, about 100 cars, and the weather was nice with a good breeze blowing to help keep everyone comfortable.         Would love to see all of you come out and support our Cruise-in -   Location is still at the Northrop Grumman Engineering Bldg., Hwy 90 Pascagoula, MS. 6:00 – 9:00 pm.       We will have cold drinks available for sale and also selling 50/50 tickets.   Be sure to invite your family and friends down to see all the fine cars. 

August Cruiser of the Month

John Hall and his 2008 Rouse Mustang 428

We all like to have fun and enjoy our monthly Cruise-ins, but we do have some rules to go by to keep our great location at Northrop Grumman.   We would like to remind everyone, to please respect the Northrop Grumman’s property where our Cruise-In's are held.     NO BURN OUTS, PLEASE!!,, NO NATURE CALLS on property, NO TRASH (including cigarette butts) are to be left on the property. Also NO ALCOHOL is allowed at any of our club functions.    Thank you,


September 12 – Gulfport MS, Mississippi NSRA Appreciation Day held at Gulfport Drag way, 1 mile, South of I-10 (MS Exit 32) on Canal Rd., There will be Door Prizes, Dash Plaques, Free Food & beverages.  NSRA Rep. Thomas “Chicken  

Willie” Smith will be on premises.  Free NSRA Safety inspections are available for your vehicle, Free Entry to Track, Bring Your Car!  Everyone welcome, even if you are not a NSRA Member.  Vehicles 30 years or older are eligible to participate in NSRA Events.    More info – call Jerry Cuevas 228-326-7498, Thomas “Chicken Willie” Smith 601-695-3890, Jimbo 228-596-0664 

Sept 19 -   SBMA Car Show – Pascagoula Beach Park  (Rain or Shine),  Registration 8 am – 11:30am,  Judging starts at Noon.  Presentation of awards 2:30pm,    Top 50, Best of Show Car, Best of Show/ Truck, Club Participation, Dash Plaques First 100.  Door Prizes, 50/50, Games, Early Registration Fee $20.00, Additional Car $15.00.  First 25 early registrations will receive $5.00 food voucher, (Must be registered by 9/4/09)  Day of Event $25.00 – Additional Car $20.00.   

Sept. 25 Advance Auto Parts Hurley 5 PM until ~ 7 PM 


Sept. 26  -   Magnolia Classic Cruisers Monthly  Cruise-in 6 to 9 PM – Northrop Grumman Engineering Bldg. Hwy 90 Pascagoula, Ms.  

October 3-        Zonta Downtown – Pascagoula, MS   Arts and Crafts, food, drinks.   8:00 am until 2:00 pm (Estimated time) 

October 4 – 11 -  Cruisin The Coast Week -   

October 10  -   Gulf Coast Down Syndrome Society Annual Buddy Walk -  Ocean Springs Greyhound Football Stadium   9:00 am until.   Take a little time from Cruisin the Coast and drop by and support this event.  This is the Charity our club sponsors.   You don’t have to stay long and you will get a blessing out of seeing what the kids can do.  

Oct. 12 Club Meeting (Nomination of Officers) -   You need to be thinking about who you would like to nominate for offices.   This is an important meeting for you and our club.  We would like to see all of you there.  Your nominations and vote is important. 

November, 2  - Club Meeting (Election of Officers and 5 Board Members) 

November 11 - Veterans Day Parade, Moss Point -  Line up at south Gate Shopping Center at Jefferson and Main Streets. Lineup @ 9 AM .  More details later. 

November 14 -  Ocean Springs Wal Mart, HWY 90 -  8am – 4pm  – Registration 8am -  Door prizes,.  Trophies awarded  

December 12  -  Toys for Tots Parade Ocean Springs to Pascagoula, Time and details  to be announced.                      



1st Saturday of Each Month -   5:00 – 8:00 – Edgewater Mall – Biloxi,  Hosted by Coast Cruisers and Pink Ladies 

2nd Thursday of Each Month 5:00 – 8:00 pm-  Back Yard Burgers – Shillenger Road, Mobile, Al.  Music, door prizes, and Free sandwich to each driver. Hosted by Mobile Bay Mustang Club – Info – 

2nd Saturday of Each Month  6:00 – 9:00 pm  Choice Super Market Hardy Court Shopping Center – Corner of Courthouse Road and Pass Road, Gulfport, MS.   Music, games, hot food off the grill  Co-Hosted by Antique Automobile and Engine Club and MS Coast Mustang Club. 

3rd Saturday of Each Month 4:30 – 8:00   Stake & Shake – Shillenger Rd., Mobile.   Car of the Month, Games for kids, Music.  Hosted by Past Time Cruisers 

4th Saturday of Each Month 6:00 – 9:00   Pascagoula, MS Northrop Grumman Engineering Bldg., Hwy 90,  Hosted by  Magnolia Classic Cruisers of Jackson County, MS.   Cruiser of the Month plaque awarded, 50/50 drawing, cold drinks available.


Hey a funny thing happened on the way home from the Shiner’s Temple Car Show a few weeks ago.   It was Kristy Thornton’s Birthday and her husband Ron was (as he says)  trying desperately  to get her home so they could get cleaned up and he would take her out to eat.   Well as luck would have it,  guess what, the car died,  only a mile or so from   home -  He couldn’t imagine what had happened (yea right), Well he called one of his good buddies, Nelson Copeland to come give him a hand, but Nelson wasn’t home, so he had to call on his Paw-in-Law  

 Now we all know  this is “Kristy’s”  Car, but wouldn’t you think that her husband would at least keep GAS in it for her, especially if he was the one driving it.   What do ya’ll think, was this just a way of getting out of taking Kristy out for her Birthday.    I sure hope Kristy didn’t cut him any slack.

Oh! Wait a minute.  Here is another one.   One of our top notch mechanics and his wife arrived early for the Bob Mandal Cruise In last week and got a gooooood parking place right by the entrance.  After the Cruise In, someone suggested  going to Sonic to have ice cream and when we got there, the usual “early bird”, wasn’t there.  Seems he had a little car trouble also.  He was so happy to get such a good parking place at Mandal’s that he forgot to turn off that little electric fan and you guessed it.  Dead Battery.  Not just a dead Battery, A DEAD Battery.  It wouldn’t even take a jump, at all, and they had to get a ride to the Sonic, then home and then go back the next day to retrieve his car, opps, I mean HER Car.   What about this, James Adams.  

 You guys are going to have to do better and keep up the Wife’s car.  


RECIPE OF THE MONTH:      If you have a recipe you want to share, please send it to me at   Come on ladies and gentlemen – send me your recipes.

My Classic Car Story

By Donald Farris 

            Growing up I always had a love for nice cars, even though we couldn’t afford them.   While in high school, one of my uncles had a Red 1950 Ford Convertible, with a continental kit.  My brother had told my father and uncle that he would love to have that car one day.   Well one day that dream came true for him and for me because he also let me to drive it sometimes.     After high school, college and the army, and obtaining a job at Ingalls Shipbuilding, I was able to buy my own cars and I had some beauties.  1962 Chevy Convertible, 1969 Dodge RT convertible (wish I could find that one again) among others.  

             Several years later, after Kala and I married and our children were grown and having children, I was stricken with Cancer.  I had my first surgery in Gulfport, , MS.  My brother had traveled to Gulfport from Houston, TX to sit with my family while I was undergoing my first surgery.    While Kala was driving me home,   my brother riding along behind us.  After several miles, he passed us up and waived at us and went on his way back to Texas.  

 Several months after my surgery, Kala and I had been to town or something and  upon returning home, there was a 1950 Black Ford Convertible sitting in my driveway.   My brother had a fetish for 1950 Ford Convertibles ever since we were in high school and he had actually kept and still has the 1950 Ford Convertible he had back then  along with  several others he had purchased over the years.   At this time he actually owned 4.   When I saw the car in the driveway I assumed he was in town.  I called him on the phone and asked where he was and he said “Almost to Baton Rouge,  Happy Birthday”.  This was actually about a week after my birthday and my brother had hauled this 1950 Black Ford Convertible from Houston, TX and left it in my driveway.   I’ll never forget this and will always cherish this car, not only because I too have always been fond of the 1950 Ford Convertibles,   but because of the way I received this car.   This car will never be sold  as long as I am alive, not even if Donald Trump made me an offer he might think I couldn’t refuse.     

Not long after I received the car,  Kala and I were riding around town and saw a couple classic automobiles sitting at EDD’s Drive-In.  I turned the car around and went back to take a closer look.  They were also interested in my car.  We talked for a while and as time went on.  I  mentioned we should meet up again and cruise Market Street,   Well as time went on and other car owners and some of our friends started joining us, and  we started seeing more and more people with their classic cars out riding around town and by word of mouth, the group of us started gathering up on Market Street and cruised around town every Friday night, up and down Market Street, Beach Blvd,   and would then stop for ice cream at different locations around town, just like we use to do when we were in high school.  Boy did that bring back memories.   We would park our cars  along the street  at different locations in town so others could enjoy them as they would pass by.   This Friday night group of people began talking about starting a car club and before we knew it, a club was formed, Magnolia Classic Cruisers.    Kala and I are among the Charter Members of Magnolia Classic Cruisers of Jackson County, Ms where I served on the Board for the first  2 years and Kala has been Secretary for the last 2 years.  We love this club and hope it continues to grow.  We have encouraged several of our friends to purchase cars and to join the club.  We have  met some wonderful people and have made some of the best friends we could have every dreamed to have.  I am sure that these friendships will last a lifetime.  That is just The way people who love cars are, car lovers for life and friends for life.

                   Donald Farris’ 1950 Ford